Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the Most Busiest Time......of the Year

Just a few photos from here and there and some updates on what we have been up to.
December is Owen's month to provide play dough for his classmates so we choose green and put lots of glitter in it. This was a lot of fun for me as well. We kept stirring and stirring and I was thinking there is no way this stuff is going to form into a ball and dry up for play dough and then right before my eyes it just happened. Very interesting science, if you ask me.
He got his cast off last Friday and now has this boot. It velcros across the top and he has to wear it night and day except for bathing. And thank goodness he gets to bathe now. Getting his dead weight body in and out of the tub with a trash bag over his leg ranks up there with my top 10 things I never want to do again.
He gets around really well with it but has a really nasty blister/callous like thing on his heel where he has been compensating his walking over the past month. It will go away in time. Just looks really nasty.
Ethan is tracked out now and I am enjoying having him home with me. We did a little shopping this morning after Eliza's doctor appointment. She had two shots this morning and is almost caught up on all of them where I have been delaying and only getting 2 at a time. Her next visit she should be up to date, which makes her doctor very happy.
Speaking of the misses, she is doing well. Still getting over a cold and runny nose, but is sleepy nicely.
We are pulling out all the Christmas dresses and trying to wear them every chance we get. I know she is going to out grow them before I know it.
She is also very interested in my shoes.
I had these out the other night trying them on because Chris's company Christmas party is coming up this weekend and I wanted to see how they looked with my dress.
She loves to get a hold of my shoes or jewelry and play.
And finally, these little ones have come to stay with us until Christmas. Santa sent them complete with letters to the boys saying their names are Chip and Jingles and they are here to watch the boys for Santa until Christmas. Can't really say the boys are behaving any better though. They are currently wearing their hero capes and beating on the walls in the bathroom saying they are getting the bad guys.

As for the elves, they have been creating their own mischief. One night they were hanging from the boys ceiling fans, one night they ate one of Ethan's donuts and last night one of them made his way into the refrigerator and was hanging onto the orange juice when the door was opened this morning. The night we came home from Cam's house our tree had fallen over!!!! The boys both yelled "IT WAS THOSE ELVES!" I don't know what it was, but it scared Owen to death. He insisted that I remove his elf from his bedroom that night for fear it would come alive and do something. Whatever works kid, just stay in your bed. :-)

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