Sunday, March 13, 2011


We have been really busy. A happy kind of busy. Like a lot of laughter and friendships kind of busy. The kind of busy that starts to bloom as a mother begins to settle into being at home full time. The kind of busy when all three children are home with me and we are shuffling here and there to parks and picnics and play dates. And it is wonderful.
Ethan can do arm over arm monkey bars now!

I have joined a Ministry of Motherhood class on Wednesday nights at church and it has been so good for my mama spirit. Chris is still going to his class and Eliza is thrilled to be at church on Wednesday nights with us. She thinks that's where the action is. You should see her come running out of her class into the mix of moms and dads, brothers and sisters, teachers and teens. I just know she thinks this is where it is happening and there she is right in the middle. Ethan has soccer on Wednesdays so we leave straight from soccer and go to church for the meal. And I can say hot dogs and taco salad have never tasted so good because this mom doesn't have to cook.

Last weekend Chris blessed me with the opportunity to go to a Mom Heart Conference here in RTP. The main speaker was Sally Clarkson who is the author of the Ministry of Motherhood book that I am studying. I can't even put into words how wonderful this conference was. I met some amazing mothers, made new friendships and even began to consider homeschooling. It truly made me view motherhood as a completely different job. Actually, not even a job, but a ministry. To intentionally show Christ's love in my everyday actions. So that is what I am trying to do; be more Christ-like. As with anything there are great moments and not so great moments but the beauty is it is not about my moments but about God's grace and the grace that I in turn am showing my children. So we are learning; all of us together, and it is wonderful.
It is also pretty wonderful that I have three littles piled up beside me watching the Upside Down Show. The littlest of the littles doing everything she can to hang on because she just knows this is where it is happening. Right here in mama's bed.

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