Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sally Clarkson Giveaway!

I told you a few weekends ago how much I loved the Mom's Heart Conference and listening to Sally Clarkson speak and ever since I have been faithfully reading her blog posts at www.itakejoy.com and also checking in with her daughter, Sarah at www.thoroughlyalive.com.

Today, along with her usual post, Sally is giving away a copy of one of her books and I am shameless in trying to win one. :-) She has several that are on my to read list, but the one that captures my attention most right now is Season's of a Mother's Heart.
Here is an excerpt from the book:

A mother’s life is a whirlwind of seasons, changing from one to another without much warning, and then to another the next day. If your heart is prepared, you can adjust to whatever season comes upon you, weathering the changes with faith and grace; if your heart is not prepared, you will find yourself reeling and twisting in the winds of life, grasping for something or someone to hold onto. But that is the secret to weathering the seasons of life. You need something—God’s word, and someone—Jesus Christ, to hold onto. They are what give you the grace to weather the seasons. Nothing else can…Only the revealed truth of God made alive in your heart through the Holy Spirit can.

I think most days I fall somewhere between the reeling and twisting with an occasional spritz of grace.

So go leave a comment and try to win one of Sally's books. And if you are not interested in winning a book, then start reading her blog posts along with your daily devotionals. I promise you will be blessed.

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Beth said...

LOVE that book and have been richly blessed by the Clarkson's ministry. Praying that you win a copy! :-)