Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming....

We had another great night at swim lessons tonight. Ethan is getting so brave about putting his head and face in the water. He took huge strides in the last session with Mr Mack and was even nominated Swim Super Star - I will post a link to the write up when the swim school posts it. But tonight, he did even better than before. Tonight he started putting his face down in the water while he swam and practiced coming up for air and going right back down. YAY! I was so proud of him I almost got choked up. :-) He has come so far from being scared to leave the steps of a pool to now jumping in, doing the back float and tonight putting his face in to swim. I am so proud of him! And the best part of all of this is even when he dips underwater, he comes up with the biggest smile on his face. I am such a proud Mommy!

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