Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NC State Fair Fun

We took the boys to the State Fair last week and I think Chris and I had as much fun as they did. The boys loved the cotton candy and the rides, Chris loved the ribbon fries and I loved the (get this!) livestock! Makes me laugh out loud just typing it, but really, the cows were enormous, the piglets too cute, the roosters gorgeous and the goats, well you all know how I feel about goats. I really wanted to bring them home with me. Interestingly enough, the poultry tent (again - makes me laugh typing it) was one of my favorite exhibits. I never knew all the gorgeous colors and patterns that roosters can come in. We also got to hold baby chicks and ducks and Ethan in particular liked this part. Owen tried patting them but it reminded me too much of the movie Of Mice and Men when Lenny was patting the rabbits. Another of my top favorites was the petting zoo. We all got to pet and hand feed goats, llamas, alpacas (my new love) and get this - camels! They were all wonderful. One other exhibit that got my attention was the Got to be NC tent. Over the past year I have really gotten into learning about NC and all the wonderful attractions, parks, products, etc. that we have here. This particular tent was chocked full of NC products. We purchased a jar of BBQ sauce that was too die for. If you ever see this sauce in the store be sure to pick up a bottle, it was delish! We were there for about 5 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. I can't wait to go back next year and who knows, I may just be able to bring home some livestock.

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