Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating - Or Maybe Not????

We didn't get off to a good start tonight with our trick or treating prep. Chris cooked dinner so I could get a run in (I am trying to run daily so that I can run a 5K at the end of Nov) and neither of the boys liked daddy's cooking. I ended up making them each half of a PB&J and Owen ate it happily. Ethan - not so much. The deal was eat your green beans and the PB&J and you can go trick or treating. Ethan did not want to cooperate. So after Owen ate we got dressed and headed out the door, being sure to stop on the porch to tell Ethan "byyyyyeeeee."Cruel, yes, being a parent, yes. I left instructions that if Ethan ate as I asked he could come out later with daddy. I think they went round and round for awhile until Ethan saw all the other children coming to his house taking the candy that he thought was his. Suddenly PB&J was a small price to pay. Both boys had a blast trick or treating tonight and Owen is just wonderful at saying trick or treat and thank you. He was completely bessotted with people giving him candy and all he had to do was say trick or treat. He just couldn't believe it. Mind you, he is not a candy junkie like his brother but still, he thought it was pretty awesome. Chris and I are going to a Halloween party tomorrow night, our first night using a babysitter - EVER! We are only going to be down the street, but still a big step for us. I am going to be a sorceress and he is Zorro. It should be a lot of fun. Anyway, here are some pics from tonight. Happy Halloween All!

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