Thursday, November 6, 2008


I received my first box of veggies from a local CSA today. I received everything you see below plus 1lb of organic pork ribs. All the veggies were $15 and I added the ribs on for an additional $4. I am so thrilled. This is my first time participating in a CSA so I only signed up for the winter season, but I have my name on a wait list for a spring/summer/fall 09 CSA. If I truly eat everything over the next few months I am definitely going to invest in it for next year. For those that don't know, you invest in the farmer by paying them upfront for a share of their crops. For me, this was $15 a week times x number of weeks through mid to late January. If I get on the list for the 09 CSA, it is going to be more like $500 or so, but that will be my families veggies for those months and the shares tend to be larger in the warmer months. My struggle is going to be coming up with recipes to use the veggies or learning to can or freeze them. Tonight I was on a mission to find something to make with red peppers. I think I have settled on a chicken dish with red peppers and thyme. Next week I should be getting about 2-3 pounds of sweet potatoes - YUM! So if you have never heard of a CSA before, you should google it and see what you think. The benefits for me far out way the risk of having a bad crop. I love that my veggies come from a mom and pop farm within a short drive from my house. Not flown or trucked in from other countries or across the US. I also love it that I know they have been picked within a day or so of me getting them - the fresher the better. There are many resources that I reference on a consistent basis. Local Harvest, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Edible Communities, just to name a few. Check it out. I think you will like what you read.

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