Friday, November 7, 2008

Ye Creativity Runneth Over

This week at preschool the boys were talking about vegetables. Ethan came home everyday talking about squash, carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. The different colors of the vegetables, how they grow, etc. It was very cute. Here is the cooking project they worked on this week. I thought it was adorable. The original Mr. Potato Head. He named it Power Ranger Black. I am still unclear where he got that from unless from one of the other children. We have never watched the Power Rangers here. Hmmm.........

Owen's class is too small for such projects like these, but he did do an art project this week with paint and corn on the cob. They ran the corn on the cob through a tray of paint and then painted a piece of paper with it. Very cute. It is amazing to me the things they actually learn at preschool. I have my moments that I doubt my decision to continue working, but then there are days when I think maybe I did make a good choice.

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