Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guys and Dolls

I got out some of Eliza's dolls and their clothes the other day wondering if she would take an interest in them.
She kind of looked around. Picked a few things up. Set them back down. And wandered around.
But I have two boys that were fascinated with changing the babies clothes.
She liked the toys that went with the dolls more.
Her hair is getting so long on top - and blonde!
Bringing the baby a toy rattle.
I took her bottle away about 3 nights ago just to see if she would let it go. She fussed about 2-3 minutes but calmed down quickly. I sang a couple of songs and rocked her and then off to sleep she went.
She was quick to find the baby dolls bottle though. :-)
This is one of the few pictures where she is actually looking at the camera. There are far too many things that are more interesting that having your picture taken these days.
Finally Ethan put this doll down and Eliza started playing with it.
She got the brush and started brushing its hair (or head).
The two Cabbage Patch dolls were mine when I was a little girl. My grandma Dottie went to Kmart in Hendersonville at midnight on Christmas Eve because they were expecting a new shipment and that's what I really wanted for Christmas that year. She would be so thrilled to know I still had both of them and all the clothes that she got for them that Christmas. It may have been about the same time that my mom took me to the Cabbage Patch Hospital. I was doll crazy as a little girl and I hope my girl will be too.
I think she needs a few more dolls.


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