Saturday, August 14, 2010


We have had a very busy week around here. Owen finished up swim lessons and he rocked it! His teacher said he is ready to move up to the next class already. There was one little boy in Owen's class who kept saying to Owen "whoa! how do you do that?" every time Owen swam underwater. Owen just smiled big! So cute. So I am going to sign him up again in October.

Wednesday evening was Ethan's first soccer practice so to kick off the season the boys and their families had picnic dinners and attended the Railhawks soccer game after practice. It was CASL night which is the league that Ethan plays in so the kids got to walk out on the field with one of the players when they were introduced.
I love this picture.
And this one.
Aren't they cute?
Ethan looks so nervous in this one. He hates being on display for anything.
But he did so good!
And a high five to his coach.
I am sure this one thought it was cool. He will probably be the first one out there when it's his turn.


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