Friday, August 6, 2010

Walk to the Park

Today is Ethan's day to visit the Media Center at school only he forgot his books this morning. If he doesn't return his books from this past week he isn't able to check out any new ones. It wasn't until he was already at school and I was home stripping his bed that I saw them sitting on his dresser. So instead of packing everyone back in the car to drive to school I thought we would walk and then stop by the park on our way home. Finding a way to get us all to the school and/or the park without tears is still a struggle for us so today I decided to try our bicycle trailer. It has a handle that I can put on the back and push instead of attaching it to my bike so that's what I did.
The ride there was ok. Eliza wasn't crazy about Owen being so close to her nor did she enjoy being strapped in. But once we got going, she seemed to be ok with it.
We made it to the school and dropped off the books. Then headed over to the park.
They have a toddler playground with a big sand pit and also an elementary age playground with bigger slides and climbing things. We started out at the toddler area mostly because mommy needed a chance to sit down and catch her breath. I am not kidding when I say it was a workout pushing about 70 pounds for 2 miles up and down hills. Whew!
My digger kids.
She has just as much fun as he does moving mulch and sand around.
Owen has a book that he got when he was about 2 called Digger Man.
He used to love that book. And we still read it pretty often.
He is definitely a digger man.
And she just might be a digger girl.
I love her fat little sandy legs.
There was another mom at the park who said she wished she had a little outfit like Eliza's.
I told her somehow I didn't think our fat, sandy legs would look nearly as cute. :-)
Doesn't she look so big?
She was having so much fun doing all these new things.
This one was from this past June when she wasn't able to climb in this tunnel by herself.
Look how much more hair she has now!
Owen was so proud of himself for being able to climb this spiral thing now.
He said he couldn't even do it when he was 3! But now I am 4 and a half, mommy!
He is getting so big too!
Here lately I have been hearing alot from other parents about how much the boys look alike. I used to always think that was kind of silly because I didn't think they looked alike at all. I mean, you can tell they are brothers, but twins? Nah. Until lately. Owen is growing taller and his face is thinning out a bit more like Ethan's. They both have been crawling into bed with us lately in the middle of the night and occasionally when I wake up I am not sure who it is beside me until I sit all the way up and can see what pjs they are wearing. So yes, they are definitely starting to look more and more alike, even to mama.
He also mastered the fireman pole today. He said he couldn't do it and he needed my help so I stood close by and told him where to place his hands and feet.
And he just did it!
Over and over and over. So proud of himself.
And speaking of doing new things. She has been watching Owen climb up the slide instead of the stairs. She thinks she can too. And she probably will before long. In case I haven't mentioned it lately, I am so glad I am not missing this anymore.
Life is delicious! Eat it up!


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