Sunday, August 22, 2010


When I was in college I loved Sundays. They were by far my favorite day of the week. My roommates and I would spend Sundays laying out in the sun on the front field or taking in a late breakfast as Bageltime. We would lay around on Sunday evenings catching up on any homework we had and talking about our weekend. Who we saw, where we went, what we did. Sundays were the essence of relaxing. We weren't planning our Saturday nights. We weren't calling this one or that one. We were just hanging out. Just us girls.

These days Sundays are still just as wonderful, only slightly different. Now Sundays are spent listening to a great sermon. Having a wonderful lunch with my family. Playing soccer with the boys until the sun starts to set. Watching their daddy teach them about passing and watching the ball. Drinking in every last drop of Sunday while the summer lasts and we have evening sunlight. And now we have a new Bordman joining the ranks of soccer.
And he's good. And cute.
He gets in there.
He's not afraid of getting run over.
Just as I would expect out of a second child.
This kid has his ball.
And he isn't taking his eyes off of it. :-)
That was our first game on Saturday.
This was our second.
Ethan's age starts to play actual games.
Ethan is still figuring out where he is comfortable. In the spring he was very assertive and scored a lot. So far he is settling in more at defense.
But this was just his first game so he is still learning. His coach repeated over and over to the children - relax. Relax into yourself.
They won 14-2.
I'd say they are going to be a pretty good team. Not to mention their coach is one of the directors at CASL (the soccer club they play in). So they are all in good hands. :-)

And just because....


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