Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting my Rear Kicked

This whole broken leg thing is really kickin' my rear. Forget carrying a camera around trying to capture photos of my children - I am still carrying around 2 children. And let me tell you getting three children in and out of the car is no small feat when 2 of the 3 I have to do everything for. And let's not even get into bath time or potty time or changing clothes. I have found I just take a deep breath and say, this isn't a race. It may take longer, my back may (read: will) ache, but I can do this. And I do.

I have managed to take a few pictures here and there - none of them good - mind you. And Owen has a friend over right now so I can actually type this so here are a few. Enjoy them. Savor them. Cause I don't know when you will see more. :-)

December 3 he gets the full leg cast off and a new one put on provided the x ray shows his leg is still healing properly. The next cast has the potential to be a little smaller - below the knee or a "walking" cast. Let's hope so. This mama needs a break.

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