Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankful: Day 7

While I was waiting on dinner to finish cooking tonight I laid down on the couch and honestly thought I wasn't going to be able to peel myself up. Owen still didn't sleep last night. The medicine they gave him, which by the way is the same narcotic that I took after having 3 c-sections, doesn't work for him nearly as well as it did for me. Granted, I am sure the dosage is slightly less, but still. Finally last night at 4am he settled down enough, or wore himself out enough, to go to sleep until 10am. I am hoping tonight will be a little better. You can't blame a girl for hoping.

Needless to say, there were no pictures taken today. So here is a sweet one of Owen from a couple of weeks ago.
As for our thankfulness, here ya go!

::Chris: Our friends.
::Owen: God making my dad and my brother.
::Ethan: Thankful that daddy cleaned up my milk that Eliza spilled at dinner.
::Tricia: A close family that loves my children.

Here's to a full nights rest.

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