Friday, November 5, 2010

Thankful: Day 1/2 of 5

Ethan and Chris didn't do their feathers today because we were scrambling around to get their camping stuff together so today will just be Owen and I and I will post theirs tomorrow sometime.
::Owen: Thankful mommy helped me clean up the play room.
::Tricia: The change in seasons.
We stayed around the house today so that I could get caught up on laundry, vacuuming and other such torturous activities. I hate housework. Hated it when I worked full time. Hate now that I am home. Not very Proverbs 31 of me, is it?
If you look closely at the Misses eyes you can see that they are red. That is red because she was tired and refused to nap today. Which made for a pleasant afternoon for all of us.
She is practicing going up and down the stairs. Going up is a breeze, coming down takes more concentration. Although it should be noted that she only breezes up the stairs when I am not watching her and she is getting away with something. If I am there with her, hands usually full of something, she will just sit on the bottom step and look at me as if I am her personal escalator.
She is getting it.
Always dragging a blanket with her.
When she is in her crib and won't go to sleep she will often throw her blanket out of the crib, I imagine because she gets mad and is really "going to show me." But what ends up happening is it only makes her more angry at herself because then she is without her blanket and still stuck in her crib. Tough life this one has.
Note dark circles under her eyes. I have them too. Only I would love to be getting more sleep. You won't catch me throwing my blanket out of the bed and screaming for someone to come get me. Quite the opposite, I may scream if someone does come and get me.
I was talking to another mother the other day at school pick up and she said something to the effect that motherhood is so joyful - and sometimes it is even more joyful than others. Insert sarcasm. No nap days are the more joyful days of my life.
We went out to Chris and Ethan's camp site for a little while tonight and Owen was playing on a teeter totter; I am not sure what happened but something did and he was screaming. I ran over to him and had to carry him to a chair. I looked at his leg and nothing is protruding. It isn't bruising yet. But he still can't bare weight on it and continues to cry and whimper. He iced it for a bit and is laying next to me now. We will see how it is tomorrow but it won't surprise me if I end up taking him in for an x ray.

That's it from where I sit.

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