Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thankful: Day 2/2 of 5 and Day 6

We have had a rough 18 hours in our house. Turns out Owen broke his leg last night.
After no sleep for either of us, I called his pediatrician to see where I should take him this morning without embracing the chaos of the emergency room. She recommended an urgent care that is connected to Wake Med because they have x ray capabilities so off we went.

Diagnosis: He broke his tibia and praise God it reset itself perfectly. They put a temporary cast on his leg and wrapped it just to stabilize it. He will see an orthopedist on Monday for a permanent cast. He has been in a lot of pain over the past 18 hours but is finally resting comfortably with the help of some Lortab.
So without further ado; we are thankful today.

::Ethan: Camping trips with daddy and making smores.
::Owen: I took the liberty of doing his for him today since he is out of it. He talks about his new school all the time so I said he is thankful for his new school.
::Chris: Lazy weekends with my family and our health.
::Tricia: Good health care benefits.

Ethan and Chris are off again for swim lessons this morning. Poor Owen will have to drop swim lessons and basketball for the winter. We were told he will probably be in a cast for 6-8 weeks. Definitely through Thanksgiving and potentially Christmas. Poor baby.

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby!!! ((((BIGGEST hugs ever)))))