Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We are doing a little better each day. Owen's pain is being managed much better and he is starting to put weight on his right leg to balance himself when I am trying to pick him up or put him on the potty or whatever. He slept in his bed last night for the first time since Friday and did ok. He wasn't happy about it but he did fine. A friend of mine stopped by today and brought us a sit and stand stroller so we tried it out today and met Chris for lunch. We may try to go to the mall tomorrow and drop off our letters to Santa at Macy's. Ethan is out of school for Veteran's Day and let's face it, keeping Owen confined to a stroller at the mall is not such a bad thing.

Uncle Cam stopped by yesterday and spent a few hours with Owen playing the Wii which was a blessing. Owen is a mama's boy and all, but video games are just not my thing - not to mention Eliza isn't going to let me sit on the couch with Owen and ignore her. So having Cam here was wonderful! The only downfall? Owen was talking about Cam last night and Ethan said "What?" And we had to tell him Cam stopped by to play with Owen and so the tears started to flow. He said "I NEVER get to see Cam!" Accent on the NEVER.

This afternoon Owen's teacher from preschool is stopping by to bring Beatrice's brother, Buzzy. This would have been Owen's weekend to bring him home and since he couldn't make it to school, she is bringing him here. Very, very kind of her. Plus she mentioned the children had made something for him so she wanted to drop that off too.

Two other friends of mine have brought dinner by the past couple of nights which has been so very helpful. Ethan asked me yesterday "What do you think Mrs. Sweeney will bring us tonight?" I told him that she was being a good friend to mommy and helping me out, but not for every night. She has been stopping by each morning and picking Ethan up for school and bringing him home in the afternoons as well. That has been a tremendous help! Tonight we get to eat thanks to the Parsonese family. How nice it is not to have to think about dinner. Having new mom friends is such a blessing.

So that is an update on us. We are still doing our thankful turkey, although I haven't posted our thoughts the past few days. I can't imagine why?!?!? Ethan is usually the first to want to do his feather in the morning.

One little sweet thing about Owen - each time I pick him up to take him to the bathroom or move him to another room or whatever, he puts his little arms around my neck and says "I love you, Mommy." Makes it a little easier knowing he is grateful.

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