Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adventures in Gardening

We are going to try to grow a few veggies this year. Last year I joined an organic CSA and hated almost every minute of it. I had to drive across town on a Thursday afternoon after picking up Ethan and by the time we were headed back home we were in 5 o'clock traffic.
On top of that the growing season was poor because of the lack of rain and the farmer rationed what we could purchase. There were weeks that he only had kale, green peppers and collards and although I had $16 a week to spend I could only purchase $4 in peppers because my family wouldn't eat the others. It was not a good investment for us. So this year I am going to try to grow a few things of our own.Mostly peppers and tomatoes for now. But I plan to add a few things later on.We started our seeds this weekend.
We started keeping our yogurt cups and egg cartons to get us started.
The boys are having fun watering their seeds each day after school.
And they are anxiously waiting until something pops through the dirt. And I sure hope something does.
Once the weather moves beyond frost season we will move our seeds outdoors and replant them into straw bales. We picked up 2 bales this weekend, but I am thinking I may need to pick up one or two more.
It may be a complete flop. Who knows? I don't even want to think what I spent last year (money up front) on my CSA membership. I told Chris the other day and I think his heart skipped a beat. Thus far all I have is $20 invested in this project. Add another bale of straw and some seeds and I might peak at $30. I'll keep ya posted as we go. I have high hopes that we will have a couple of pumpkins to call our own come October. :-)

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Amy said...

Mom did the straw bales one year and they worked great! Good luck!