Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He's {five}

We spent this weekend at the beach celebrating Owen's 5th birthday.
We stayed at Dunes Village Resort because they have an indoor water park that the boys love.
They spent a lot of time in the lazy river and the hot tubs, but also braved the slides a time or two.
They also have lots of games to play; chess, checkers, pool, foosball, shuffleboard, etc.
Ethan is learning to play chess at school with his friends and he enjoyed trying to teach Owen how to play.
I don't recall the hotel having this playground last year but it was really nice letting them romp around since the weather was so nice.
Ethan chased the birds and Eliza chased Ethan telling him to put his shoes back on. :-)
I love seeing these smiles on my children.
We ate at K&W one night for dinner and there was a little elderly couple sitting next to us with their backs our way. When we got up to leave and the children were putting on their coats the lady said "You have such wonderfully behaved children. They all ate quietly we hardly knew you were there." I admit, I had to look around for a second to make sure she was talking to me. :-) But you know, she was. And they were wonderfully behaved. It might not happened every time we go out to eat, but when it does it is truly a blessing.
As for Owen's birthday, he said it was the best birthday he has ever had.
Most likely he will have a party with his friends next year since he will be in kindergarten, which will be just as fun for him, but I kind of like having my children to myself on their special day.
Some of my best birthday memories are not birthday parties at McDonalds but rather small parties with my family at my grandma Mary's house. My mom used to make my cakes, sometimes Holly Hobby, one year it was a carousel, I believe. Simple goodness.
How does he manage to get cake all the way up his cheek?
I don't get it.
Happy 5th birthday beautiful boy!
I am beyond grateful God blessed me with you. You give our family that little something extra; Daddy calls is oomph, I call it love.
Whatever it is, it is perfect!

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