Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day Tripping

Chris has been off all week with us and it has been wonderful! The company he works for closes shop the week after Christmas and gives everyone that week off which is such a great perk. He and I would never think to take the week off and just stay around here, but it has truly been great family time together. Thursday we spent the morning at Marbles Kids Museum.
They have a big pirate ship that the children can climb on and play dress up.
There is a splash station
with all kinds of water toys to play with.
Eliza stayed on the move the entire time we were there. I think she was overwhelmed with all the children and all the things to play with.
I also think she intentionally looks away from the camera when she knows I am there.
Ah, there. But you can tell she looks a little put out with me.
Won't be the last time, I am afraid. :-)
This was her favorite place to play.
She actually played here for about 15 minutes or so.
Complete with mini ambulance and stretcher.
She also loved the aquariums.
Whole Foods Marketplace where she wanted to throw everything in the flooror chew on it.

Meanwhile, back with the boys. They were in a block area and had built these blocks up around themselves like a tower. This picture is me trying to get my camera up high enough to look over the blocks
to see Owen.

After we left the museum we headed to Crabtree Mall for a bit. We had a little box that we could take to the Lego store and fill up with blocks for free the week after Christmas. (Read: We spent so much money at the Lego store they gave us the little box as a token thank you to fill up for "free.") Anyway, they have about 25 or more drawers to pick from, all sorted by color and the boys could grab a handful or this a handful of that until the box was full. The only requirement was that the box had to close properly on it's own. They had a lot of fun choosing which pieces they wanted in their box. Then, of course, a quick drop into the Apple store and back home again.

We have had a great week and hate to see Chris go back to work on Monday although I know with the boys back in school next week I will be ready to get us all back on a schedule.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh--LOVE the isolette incubator. Take me back to my ICN nursing days. Looks like a fun excursion!!!