Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in WV

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandpa Lewis's house.All our favorites were there
Uncle Bub We love Uncle Bub!
Aunt Beck
Cousins Jamie, Gracyn and Addyson
Little girls up to no good, I am sure.
Santa found us even though we made last minute changes.
She was up bright and early, despite not sleeping more than an hour at a time all night.
Sweet little bedhead.
Sometimes he gets lucky and has this cute Jude Law thing going on with his hair.
Owen wasn't nearly as anxious to get out of bed.
Santa left him a letter and a Christmas ornament of the Macy's mailbox like the one we dropped their letters in a few weeks earlier. Very clever.
Ah, there's Owen! One of the first things he opened was a DS game and he immediately said "Ethan, you can have this. I don't have a DS." He just hadn't gotten to that present yet. :-)
And the look on his face when he doesn't know I am watching sends my heart a flutter.
Hello my pretty!
And my handsome!
Times 2!
I think everyone had a great time!

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