Saturday, January 1, 2011

Aunt Jan and Kallie's Visit

The past few weeks have been an absolute blur. It started Aa few weeks before Christmas when our aunt Jan and cousin Kallie came to stay with us for a few days.Owen was having a Christmas program at preschool and they wanted to watch. Unfortunately, his last day before break was a snow day so they had to postpone his program until this coming Thursday. Lucky for us, he was happy to sing his songs for us by himself.
We read the Christmas story and the children opened their presents from aunt Jan and Kallie.Our elves continued their mischief despite having guests in the house.
We put together a gingerbread village
and per usual, there was more eating of the village
than there was building.

We made cookies, went to the mall and Chris and I even had a date night! It was a wonderful visit. One day soon after Jan and Kallie had left one of the boys (I can't remember who now) said "I sure do love it when my aunt Jan comes to visit." Me too, buddy! Come back soon!

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