Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is God in Outer Space and Which Pawpaw Does Nana Gale Go With?

The hard questions are starting to roll in. I knew these days were coming and I have been going over answers in my head for awhile now. So let's start with the easy one.

Ethan: Is God in Outer Space?
Mommy: Well, yeah, kind of, only further than outer space. It is a place called the heavens which is where Nana Gale lives with God.
Ethan: But outer space is as far as we can go.
Mommy: No, honey, the heavens is as far as we can go but only after we die.
Ethan: Did Nana Gale die and that is why she lives with God?
Mommy: Yes, honey.
Ethan: Who was Nana Gale?
Mommy: She was my mommy. And now she is your angel. She watches over you for mommy when I can't be there to watch you myself.
Ethan: Does she come in my bedroom at night and watch me?
Mommy: Kind of. Only she isn't really here with you. She is just watching over you.
Ethan: Which pawpaw did Nana Gale go with?
Mommy: Pawpaw Jimmy.
Ethan: Then who was that girl with Pawpaw Jimmy that watched us swim at the train?
Mommy: That was Sharon. Pawpaw Jimmy married Sharon after Nana Gale died.
Ethan: Do you miss Nana Gale?
Mommy: Very much. If I went away forever would you miss me?
Ethan: Yes, I would cry a lot.
Mommy: I do cry sometimes. I miss Nana Gale very much.

Whew. Those are big ideas to explain to a 5 year old. But I am glad he asks.

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