Saturday, November 7, 2009

Knock, Knock..... Who's There?

Mr. Noncky Head!

This post is dedicated to my middle child who is destined to be the class clown. He thinks he is so clever and it doesn't help that Chris and I usually laugh at his antics. When we were in Dillsboro a few weeks ago, Owen and I were in the elevator and a man joined us going down to the lobby. Owen, ever the socialite that he is, said hey noncky head. I had to quickly explain to the gentleman, who tried not to seem offended (I hope he wasn't), that being a noncky head was not a bad thing. In fact, noncky heads are terms of endearment in our household. What is a noncky head you may ask? Beats the heck out of me. Owen completely made this word up. I believe it is like a knuckle head, just a silly term that he has come up with that we make jokes about now. Like the ever so clever knock knock, who's there? Mr. Noncky Head! At which time he laughs hysterically and Chris and I chuckle.

Speaking of laughing hysterically, Owen does this as well. Only it is a fake hysterical laugh. He will silently start laughing, mouth opened wide, hand to his chest, or his head or his belly, often times doubled over in laughter like he just can't stand himself. It really is quite funny.

And a cute word that he is saying right now is opopus. Can you guess what an opopus is? An octopus, of course. I love the words that come out of his mouth. Sometimes I understand them right off and other times he has to say them a few times or explain to me what he is talking about. Either way, I think they are adorable.

As for today, it was a wonderful day! We started off calling to wish my father in law a happy birthday (Happy Birthday SJ!) then headed out to Home Depot for our monthly project. Today was a trivet. Then over to Snip Its to get hair cuts for the boys. They look so handsome right after a hair cut. Then off to do the mall for a bit of shopping. We always have better days when we keep going during the day. An idle mind is the devil's playground.

That's it for the Bordmans! Hoping to be able to post a picture of Eliza and her tutu tomorrow. It has got to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

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