Friday, November 20, 2009

I Am Just Giddy!

Look at this little bit of pretty....

Can you say Love. It.? This is Eliza's Thanksgiving bow and it coordinates perfectly with her Thanksgiving shirt.

(I should note, Eliza's Thanksgiving shirt doesn't say Gabby)

The shirt came from the store Three Sweets on And the bow is from Cary Hair bows. I love, love, love Shannon at Cary Hair Bows. I signed up for a "Bow-of-the-Month" club with Shannon back in August and loved it so much, now I have 2 subscriptions. We get a Sweetly Southern and a Layered Boutique bow once a month and I promise you it is like a drug fix. The minute I open the box each month I instantly start longing for the next month's bow.

I was inspired to do a custom bow this month by this little pretty. This is Paisley. Isn't she gorgeous? Her mother has ordered several custom made bows from Shannon that you may think wouldn't turn out so nice, but let me tell you - they are beautiful! So, I figured Shannon could make something not so traditional, gorgeous for us too. And she did! The turkey topper on the bow came from JoGees Wee Purls and I love how she matched the minky turkey on the shirt to the topper! Love. It! I could go on and on about all the wonderful things I have bought off And I will eventually. But until then here is one more bow that will be coming our way this month.
This one is to match a gorgeous light blue Petit Ami dress from my favorite surrogate mom GoGo (aka Gloria). I promised her I would have a portrait taken of Eliza in the dress she gave her and I couldn't possibly have a portrait in a fancy dress without a beautiful bow. GoGo insists she will laugh the first time Eliza jumps in a mud puddle and loves it, but until then, I will delight in all the prettiness that is having a girl. Besides, she will probably be wearing a bow when she jumps in the puddle. And that will be ok too. :-)

Have I mentioned how much fun it is having a girl?

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