Wednesday, December 2, 2009

God vs. The Big Screen

I am feeling particularly frazzled at the moment with Ethan out of school right now and me trying to work from home in the afternoons. Owen is still not going to bed at a reasonable hour and now he is dragging Ethan into his menacing ways. Ethan, who used to go to bed without a fuss or a peep is now wandering into my room several times at night telling me "I just have one more thing to tell you." So, I was talking to Chris this morning and ask him if he needed something to keep him grounded. Like, I feel like I need more God in my life. More time for me to be still and quiet to pray, meditate, whatever, just quiet. You know without crying or fighting or someone telling me they are hungry. Right now, I usually have the 5 minutes it takes for the shower to heat up in the morning at the ripe hour of 5am. He didn't really address my question or concern but rather told me he thought we could get a 156 inch screen for his theater room. Really? I wasn't sure he even heard what I was talking about. But yes, he did hear me. Some people need religion, others find their religion in Sony.

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