Sunday, December 6, 2009

My, Oh My, How Things Change

We had a very eventful day today. I have been wanting to decorate glass ornaments for Christmas gifts this year and was on a mission today to find them.

First stop was Walmart, but no such luck. We did pick up a candy lollipop making kit though for the boys.
Getting started....

Owen eating blueberries and Ethan busy stirring the melting candy pieces.

Ethan looks on as daddy pours the candy in the molds.

Daddy is awesome!

Looking good

Can't wait to try them

Don't they look great? Chris and the boys really did a wonderful job!

But back to my glass ornament search. Next stop was AC Moore. No luck there either. I did end up buying the ribbon I needed but no ornaments. We ended up coming on home and starting the above chocolate lollipops but I couldn't get the ornaments out of my head. So I decided to head out to Target to see if they had any. Nope. But I did pick up the shredded paper that I needed for them and a few more Christmas ornaments for my white Christmas tree in the sun room.

I came back home for just a bit and after the Ultimate Fighting Championship in my living room, of which Chris won, I convinced him to head out to Michael's with me to try one more time. I promised him we could eat at Bob Evan's if he would try one more store with me. And we scored big! Michael's had exactly what I needed so then we headed over to Bob Evan's for dinner. There was a time in mine and Chris's not so distant past that we would have been having a delicious dinner at Sullivan's over a bottle of wine, appetizers, steak, you name it - the good stuff. Now, the good stuff is this

and this

Didn't Kenny Chesney right a song about "the good stuff?"

I did come up with a new parenting tip tonight that I will add to my bag of tricks. Ethan wanted macaroni and cheese and broccoli for dinner tonight but also wanted the smiley face french fries. I originally said no to the fries, but then negotiated that if he ate all his broccoli and mac and cheese he could have the fries. I went ahead and ordered them and just sat them to the side until he finished everything else. He did eat all his broccoli, but not his macaroni. Poor thing didn't get any fries but he understood why. Mad, yes, he wasn't very happy with me. But I think I scored pretty big tonight. You should have seen how much broccoli they gave him. May be the only green veggie that makes it into his body this week. :-)

And finally, this is Chris starting to zone out while coloring. By this point, Ethan had picked his milk up by the straw and dropped it to the floor, Owen had put too much pumpkin bread in his mouth and started gagging, and then he proceeded to get up from our table, walk to the table next to us and eat something out of their bread basket after they had left.

I'm telling you folks, I couldn't make this stuff up.


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Glennon said...

Tricia- I like your family a lot.
Also, I love the Good Stuff.

Do you have the book "On the Night You Were Born?" It's by a lady named Tillman. Your posts and your family made me think of that book, which is beautiful. Have a wonderful day, Tricia!!!