Monday, December 7, 2009

Ethan and Owen the Tool Men

Saturday morning was another Home Depot project. We do these the first Saturday of each month and once the children do 4 projects, they get a free something from Home Depot. It starts out as a tool box and then each 4 projects they do after they get a tool for the tool box. Very clever way for Home Depot to get children interested in building from an early age. Not to mention mom and dad usually "need" something while they are there. So finally we reached our 4 projects and the boys got their tool boxes.

Mind you, Owen complains each time we go to do these projects. He doesn't participate much at all and Chris or myself usually has to do the project for him. However, as his mother it is my job to know that when Ethan comes home with his tool box and Owen doesn't have one the meltdown that will insue will far surpass the complaining of not wanting to do the project once a month. So I insist that he goes each time.

And now is when the fun is about to start. Notice Ethan looking to the left. He is watching Chris who is doing his own form of rump shaking at them. They think it is hilarious.

How cute is that? These boys were laughing so hard they could hardly get control of themselves. Chris always knows what to do to get the boys going. He's good like that.