Friday, December 18, 2009

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

No pictures tonight because I have been consumed with laundry and packing in the hopes that we may actually get to leave sometime tomorrow, although I am not holding my breath. But I did want to pop in and tell you a cute story from today. I put Eliza down on the floor in her room in front of her playmat and I was in and out of her room getting things together, bringing the clothes from the laundry room to her room to fold, etc. And I had walked out for about 5 minutes or less and came back and when I first walked in her room I didn't see her. Huh??? Where is she?? The boys were upstairs so I knew they hadn't done anything (shocker, I know!). Then I walked around her closet door (I had left her closet open) and she had rolled into her closet. Ha! She smiled real big when our eyes met because she knew she had really done something. So there you go. Nothing is safe anymore. No more leaving small toys around on the floor. No more leaving her on her changing table unattended to. My life is about to get even busier, if you can imagine that. :-)


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