Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus

After Aunt Jan sent Ethan his first set of Star Wars legos yesterday he has decided he really wants another set - the AT TE walker.
Chris and I told him that he really needs to tell Santa. That since he hasn't talked to Santa yet this year, he may not get them. So he insisted we go see the big guy today; he told me he had to let Santa know what to bring him.

So we get to the mall and we are waiting in line, fortunately a short line. Ethan is very excited for his turn and I kept trying to talk Owen into sitting on Santa's lap. I told him Santa may not come to visit him, I told him Santa was giving away elf ears and coloring books, I told him we could go to Build A Bear afterward but nothing, and I mean nothing, would get him near Santa.

It was our turn. Ethan hopped up on one knee, I put Eliza on the other knee and kept trying to talk Owen into it. Eliza was grinning from ear to ear, laughing at me, having a great time. And then it was like you could see a light bulb go off in her head and things turned bad very quickly. Her lip started to quiver - she was realizing if she was looking at mommy then mommy wasn't the one holding her. She turned slightly to see who was holding her and that was all it took. A scream belted out from her like I have never heard.

I looked at the woman taking the photos and said "Quick - get it!" And she did.
I rescued Eliza from the death grip of Santa and Ethan hopped down and gave him a high five.

I was putting Eliza back in the Baby Bjorn and Ethan leaned into me and said "Since I told Santa what I wanted, do you really think he will bring it to me?" I smiled and said I am sure he will. All along thinking, I hope this thing isn't expensive. Guess what? It is.

The second thing Ethan said to me as we were walking away from Santa was "I sat on Santa's lap, can I go to Build A Bear?" He sure knows how to work it.
Meet Reindeer. The only difference in Reindeer and Frosty above, is Reindeer is wearing Star Wars pajamas. Rotten. I am telling you. He is rotten. Ethan that is, not Reindeer.


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