Monday, December 21, 2009

Team Edward or Jacob?

Yes, we did.

And I will probably be one of the few to show descent, but I thought it was just average. But then, I haven't been a huge fan of the books. Yes, I read them all and yes, in record time. However, I didn't find the writing to be particularly compelling or intellectual. Captivating, yes. The most thrilling part was the Vulturi. Chris thought the action in this one was better; specifically the wolves. His exact words were, the movie wasn't as bad as the movie experience. The theater, Spring Valley, isn't the best, however it is the only one around here. There were lines flickering around on the screen, the curtains weren't all the way open to show the complete screen and the temperature in the theater had to have been around 65 degrees.

But, let's look on the positive side. It was a date night for Chris and I and that was wonderful. Not that I didn't think about my children, but it was nice to be away and do something with just Chris for a few hours.

Anyway, Eliza is sleeping away, I hope for the night and the boys will be heading that way soon - I hope.

Oh, and Chris is Team Jacob and I am Team Edward.



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