Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby.....

We have put up our tree

and bought two more last night. I have been wanting a white tree for our sun room and hope to be able to collect beachy themed ornaments over the years to add to it; flip flops, pink flamingos (because ask Owen and he will tell you "mommy likes mingos"), surfboards, umbrellas, etc. Right now I have started with pink and green.

And then we bought this cute little one for the Miss.

Before we left for the store last night I told the boys that I would buy them a little tree for their rooms as well. They were very excited and were talking about the ornaments to put on them. The only catch was they had to eat their dinner. I can wrap anything around "but first you have to eat your dinner." Well, they didn't. So they didn't get a tree. Chris met us at the store last night and helped me while I shopped for ornaments and as we were loading everything in the car the boys were starting to realize "hey - we didn't get a tree." I had to explain to them, yep - that's right because you didn't eat your dinner. Maybe we can try again another night. Chris, without skipping a beat, said "thank goodness they didn't eat their dinner." I think he was afraid of what the bill would have been had I bought two more. :-)

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