Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homemade Veggies and Such

I had a butternut squash sitting around the house (do people do that? have a butternut squash just sitting around? anyway.....) and I was afraid it was going to go bad so I decided to chop it into small chunks, boil it, puree it and try my hand at homemade baby food. This was last night. Turns out, it wasn't that hard to do. Eliza has been sporadically eating rice cereal for a few weeks now and so I thought I would put a spoonful of the squash in her cereal last night. She didn't respond that great to the first bite but I think it was just a texture/slight different taste for her at first. After a few bites she was really liking it. So I decided to try my hand at some other things and see how this homemade baby food goes.

So, today when Chris and I exchanged cars and children I headed off to Walmart with the three children (I know, sometimes I think I set myself up). But, when the boys are good, they are really good and lucky me, today was a good day. They were all over the produce telling me what was what and I love to feel like I am teaching them something considering how much tv they are absorbing now that Ethan is tracked out. I am sure those around us thought it was their first trip through a produce aisle though. And the thing is, when they are good, I spoil them crazy - with healthy stuff usually, but still, they don't know the difference. To them, it is just something they want and today they got every single thing they asked for - strawberries, blueberries, banana chips and chex bars.

Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for having a successful trip. ((clap, clap, clap)) He must have known I really needed this.

So anyway, I bought acorn squash, avocado, sweet potatoes and pears. The acorn squash is broiling now and I will puree it later this afternoon. I even bought ice cube trays so I can freeze small portions of each veggie and then transfer to freezer bags for later. I am very excited about this little venture. I attempted this with Ethan when he was a baby, but quickly became overwhelmed with being a first time mom and everything I was having to learn to do so quickly then. I guess 3 kids into this, some things are coming more naturally and take up less brain power. Kudos to me.

I will attempt to take photos this evening when Eliza is eating - better yet, a video would be great if I can figure that out. She is blowing raspberries now and really thinks she is something. And really, she is. There is a onesie that I want to get her from Faith Baby that says "When God made me, he was just showing off." How true, how true. And since I brought up Faith Baby, how adorable is this?

I want it! :-)

Gotta go check on the squash........

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