Friday, September 3, 2010

Bangles and Jewels

One morning last week I was trying to get ready prior to dropping Ethan at school. I can't remember now what we were going to be doing immediately after since I typically don't get a shower until Eliza is sleeping in the afternoon, but nonetheless, this particular morning I was treated to a shower. So while the early shower was a treat, I was then left to entertain Eliza while I continued to get ready. So what's a mom to do but prop her up on the counter and open the jewelry box.
The jewelry box was my mothers. I remember it as a child when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old. She always kept it on her dresser in her bedroom and it was filled all kinds of fun bangles, necklaces and earrings. Three in particular that I clearly remember. A gold owl, a black cross and a silver fish. The owl and the fish are kind of pieced together like a puzzle so that they danced around when you wore them. Think long, big necklaces, 70's style. I still have those. :-)
Can you see those bracelets on Eliza's arm? They were mine when I was a baby. One is a plain gold bangle. One is a gold bracelet with a heart latch that is monogrammed with my name. And one is a gold bracelet with a small bird in the middle. I think my mom enjoyed having a little girl as much as I do.
And the soccer ball necklace she is wearing. My mother in law gave that to me as a fun necklace to wear to Ethan's soccer games probably 2 years ago or so. He walked in a saw Eliza wearing it and got a kick out it. (no pun intended)
She also got a tickle out of my powder brush. All kinds of fun things are coming to my mind for Christmas this year. :-)