Monday, September 6, 2010

Bike Ride to the Park

Yesterday we saddled everyone (and everything) up and hopped on our bikes for a ride to the park.
I packed everyone a lunch in the cooler and put it in the back of the bike trailer so we could have a picnic once we got there.
We brought the soccer ball to kick around.
Daddy showing off his soccer skills.
And Ethan showing off his soccer skills.
And she is showing off her cuteness skills.
It's hard work. Being this cute.
Or this cute.
She liked pushing her brothers bike around. And trying on the helmet.
Then we walked over to the park so they could play on the playground.
She was nervous going across this bridge. The boys just ran across it over and over and it would swing and bounce. She wasn't so sure about it.
She is getting more confident every time we go to the park.
She wants to try new things and keep up with her brothers.
Climbing the stairs.
The pictures make it appear easier for her than it actually was.
She is getting so big.
Makes her mommy kind of sad.
And speaking of looking big. Check this boy out!
How did that happen? I know I ask that all the time. But sometimes I just look at pictures of him and think what is happening to my baby boy?
He is such a good big brother to her.
Makes my heart smile.
I didn't get as many pictures of Owen this trip. But just so you know he isn't neglected.....
He and mommy spent some time together swinging.


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