Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sky Top Apples

We went on our annual apple picking trip while we were in Brevard and it did not disappoint.
We tried out a new orchard this year; Sky Top in Flat Rock.
And it was awesome!
With baskets and wagon in hand, we headed off to find some apples.
This year we had this clever lacrosse looking thing that helped get the apples from the tops of the trees.
The past couple of years I have watched Ethan go from trying to climb the trees but being nervous to climbing straight up to the top without even thinking about it.
Owen was very concerned about my grandmother's basket of apples and kept saying "I am picking this big apple for graaaaadma."
Eliza picked her first apple.
And ate a couple of others.
There were so many things for children to do after the apples were picked.
This is very clever for families to return every year.
I couldn't get Eliza to stand in front of the sign.
So I asked Ethan to help her.
She didn't like that either.
These are always a favorite of the boys.
And she thought it was pretty fun too.
She looks so big to me here.
They had these big apple and pumpkin play houses that the boys loved climbing around in
and sliding out of.
And this is just sweet.
He really did help her up the stairs. Gently.
Here too. They have their moments.
And I try to capture them. :-)
These are just a few of my random favorites.
Can you hear her saying "eh eh eh eh?"
Sweet boy
Happy boy
Pretty girl

I love it that this has become a tradition for us. The boys look forward to it every fall. And speaking of fall, here is our fall bucket list.
We did a good job on our summer list and have already knocked out a few things on our fall list. I am sure we will be adding to it as we go but this is what we could come up with for now.


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