Thursday, September 30, 2010

Loving this Rain

Yesterday after dropping Owen off at preschool, Ethan, Eliza and myself decided to suit up and go for a walk in the rain. Well, I walked, they rode.
Every time I see a photo of Ethan like this I am reminded of how much bigger his world is getting
and how with each passing day he is drifting a little further away from me,
growing up a little more.
For now, I enjoy each of these moments we have together.
playing with monster trucks
walking through puddles
splashing feet
and stopping all that fun to find the wonder of a snail on the trail.
He is a doll.
And then there is the little blondie.
She was thrilled to get out of her car and run
and splash around
back and forth
She even found a monster truck for herself.
I love the way the rain misting curled up her hair.
What did I ever do to deserve such joy?
It was a blessed rainy day indeed.

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