Saturday, October 2, 2010

Preschool Days

Here are a few pictures of Owen from his preschool.Each day they go to chapel for a lesson. One day it is about feelings and how we should express our feelings. One day it is music and one day it is a bible lesson. I assume the picture above is feelings and they were told to make mad faces. He's good at that one.
Back in the room calling mommy.
This week they talked about apples which was perfect for Owen since he just went to the apple orchards.
playing in the sand bucket
more apple art
and more building

I am really pleased with this program considering our current need. It is just enough time for him to go to school and do something fun that he enjoys away from me, but yet still affordable and not an all day program. Perfect for where we are right now. I still haven't decided if I am going to try a Mother's Morning Out program for Eliza next year or put it off until she is 3 but I may consider this program for her too.

Speaking of Eliza, she had her first set of "stitches" yesterday. {gulp} Ethan pushed her in the hallway and she hit her head of the corner of the staircase railing. Split her forehead right open, and deep at that. I took her to urgent care and it was a very clean cut so they were able to use glue instead of thread to stitch it back together. She was so brave and such a trooper. I will post a picture of her injury at some point. But she is feeling fine now and back to her old, wonderful self. My brain was racing trying to think if we had any pictures coming up and was relieved to know we didn't then Cam and Kara stopped by last night and we started talking about Chad and Kourtney's wedding and it hit me - YES! We will have pictures coming up. Sooooooo, be looking for a nice bruise on her forehead for wedding pictures. Nice.

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