Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have really gotten behind on the how old are you posts.
Thirteen months came and went.
Fourteen months came and went.
And here we are already at fifteen months old.
So what are you up to?
No kidding. If you can get into it - you will.
You are no longer walking - just running.
You scurry up the stairs like nobodies business.
And you are trying to come down them on your own. You climb on the kitchen table and run from one end to the other. It's true.
You love goldfish. I wish it could be added to the food pyramid. Maybe then I would feel like you are getting enough veggies. Because if you don't want to eat, you are not going to.
You are very demanding.
You yell "ma ma"or "my my" all day. All. Day. Really. Yelling.
Nonetheless, I am enjoying being home with you and fill our days with lots of outings.
You love your baby blankets and will drag them all over the house.
Thankfully, you are not picky and do not demand a certain one.
You also love yogurt and Nutri Grain bars and will dig in the refrigerator or the pantry to find either and then throw them at my feet so I will open them for you.
Your daddy says you are so sweet. {rolling my eyes}
When I try to get you out of the bath you will go to the other side of the tub and turn your back on me.
Sweet. ha!
All that being said, you are a treasure and we do have a lot of fun together. You just want what you want, when you want it. And who could really blame a girl for that?
We love you baby Liza!


Mama Bella said...

I love her too!

Anonymous said...

My how beautifully you are growing, sweet Eliza!! Are you trying to tell me that I should dust off the ribbon stash? :o) HUGS!

Erica said...

I love it! She is more beautiful than ever. Love the bow too :)