Saturday, October 23, 2010

NC State Fair 2010

We have been so busy the past couple of days which will make for some good posts, but I just have to find time to sort through them. First off, let's catch up from our state fair adventures.A dear friend of mine that I used to work with drove up from Wilmington with her son to spend the day with us. I was just as excited to see her and her son as I was to spend the day at the fair with my children.
First stop was the Ocean Spray Cranberry exhibit.
This was a great first stop for us because they were giving out free samples of juice - score! put some in the sippy cup for Eliza - and free samples of Craisins - score again! free snack.
Next we quickly made our way through the children's barn, which unfortunately was way too crowded for me to push a stroller through so we zipped right through and headed to grab some lunch. They boys wouldn't stop with the I want cotton candy, I want ice cream, I want etc. so I made a deal that we would get these things, but they had to eat something first. Hot dogs, corn dogs and chicken gyro it was.
**Buddy from Dinosaur Train**
After lunch we grabbed our bag of cotton candy and headed to the UNC-TV tent.
This was one of our favorite places because the boys knew all the characters and there were lots of games to play.
**Clifford from Clifford the Big Red Dog**
**I think this is one of the Super Why kids**
**Between the Lions**
**and Super Why himself**
Checking out the monster truck
And this was disgusting looking. If you look to the left side there is a red gummy bear sitting in the window and on the right side there is a gummy worm hanging down out of the window.
Here is a better picture of the bear. It was $25! And all I could think is how in the world would you eat it all????
And then it was time to hit the rides.
I bought them each 20 tickets and they got to choose how they spent them. They rode several rides together but also ventured apart several times.
She was yelling "OWAAAAAAA!" and when he would look at her she would crack up laughing.
They loved this slide. It was the reward to an obstacle course that involved tunnels and rope climbing.
This is one of the rides they ventured apart to ride. Owen in the blue dragon
and Ethan up high in the firetruck (middle in the orange shirt).
Waiting patiently for the Wiggle Worm
They each "won" a blow up bat so Amy (my friend) and I took a few minutes to let boys be boys.
I told her when they picked them out they wouldn't last long. I meant I would end up taking them away because they were fighting. But actually, Ethan's popped last night. :-(
This little girl was sooooo good! She was completely content to sit in her stroller and people watch. There was so much for her to take in not to mention the boys sharing all their goodies with her. And yes, that is another strawberry on her forehead. She fell down the bottom step on our deck and did a head plant right on our stepping stones. Everything you see around her mouth, well that's just state fair yumminess.
And just because these socks are sooooo stinkin' cute. Appropriately named Jazzy Toes. :-)
These are just a few of my favorite pictures.
Looking up at the ferris wheel
Look at all those people!
Krispy Kreme burger (no - I didn't try it)
All tuckered out.
When I decided to take them to the fair (alone - meaning without Chris - meaning had I lost my mind?) I had my moments of anxiety because let's be honest, my children don't have a good track record for listening and staying with me. And did you take a good look at that picture above with all those people?!?!? But, they were amazing! Ethan listened and didn't fight me over junk food. Owen stayed with me the whole time and when he did kind of lag behind I chose to embrace his personality and stop and wait for him instead of getting flustered. Eliza stayed in her stroller and had a great time just seeing the sights. It truly was a wonderful day! I told Chris I thought they deserved a big treat because they behaved so wonderfully! And then I remembered all the treats they had while we were there. :-) We have our moments of unrest but overall these three children are perfect for me and I am so blessed to call them mine.

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Oh I love state fairs! It looks like a great time had by all!