Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkins and Bats and Spiders - Oh My!

This week at preschool Owen's class was talking about all things fall and halloween'ish.They made foam like pumpkins.
See my messy hands!
Thank you Ms. Debbie for providing a t shirt to go over his clothes!
Science Experiment: Do pumpkins float or sink?
They visited the school pumpkin patch.
And painted their pumpkins. Owen was so proud of his when I picked him up. He excitedly said "Mommy, I painted it some purple because purple is your favorite!"
This looks like some kind of building center.
This looks like some type of bead stringing
and more.........
This one hasn't come home with him yet, but it appears to be a bat craft.
On Thursday they talked a lot about spiders and insects. Owen learned that spiders are arachnids not insects and that they have 8 legs whereas insects have 6. And yes, he really did learn this, as in if you ask him he can tell you all about arachnids. Impressive - I know.
And the best part - making his own snack.
A chocolate donut spider with pretzel legs.

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