Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

We started our halloween weekend by visiting Borders bookstore yesterday for a story, craft and parade.It was ok - not very well organized - but it was free.
I think the boys enjoyed themselves.
We made mummy dogs for dinner (and yes, they had spinach nuggets and green peas for their veggies)
and Boo-tiful jello cups for dessert. I know. The one on the Kraft web site looks far more like a ghost than mine did, but the boys still loved it.
And then we were ready for the big night! Notice Owen's costume is not the Mario one. Well, the thing is, he misplaced it right as we were getting ready tonight.
So he decided to be Lightning McQueen's pit crew, complete with super hero cape.
And then he had to run back up to the play room to grab something and found Mario. Go figure. So we changed. And while we were changing, daddy and baby decided they would go with us.
To say it was stressful getting out of the house tonight is an understatement. What I really need is just a couple more kids.
But we were finally off.
When the boys would run up to knock on doors Eliza would yell "OWAAAAAA!"
When they were going up to this house Chris was telling them that this ghost would bend down at them as they got closer. I told them to stand next to it and I would take their picture. Owen was very suspicious and wouldn't take his eyes off of it.
Checking out the loot.
We have all had a great month of Halloween and now look forward to November and our Thankful Tom Turkey. We will start putting our feathers on tomorrow.
Happy Halloween All!

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