Monday, October 4, 2010

Diggin' Deep

I am diggin' deep tonight to find my thankful heart so I thought it would be helpful to post some photos of the one that is shaking me to my core these days.
**note these first few pictures are pre-stitches**
She is teething.
I think.
I felt her gums today and there are two new teeth that feel like they have just pushed through.
I hope that's what it is.
(you can see the stitches here - just barely)

This is the face of a baby that hasn't slept all night in several nights.
And you don't want to know what her mama looks like.
It ain't pretty.
This is how I feel.
She's had her moments.
But most of them haven't been pretty.
I am hoping since she has two new teeth now, maybe we will get a little relief tonight.
This mama needs a break.
And some sleep wouldn't hurt.


Bonne Femme said...

I hope you get some sleep. If you can't find your thankfulness, that's because it's buried underneath your exhaustion! And the laundry. I find mine in the dryer some nights. xxoo

Bonne Femme said...

OR.....there's always this: 2 tears in a bucket. ;--)-