Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Excited!

Lookie! Lookie!
This is one of the signs I ordered from Barn Owl Primitives - and hello?!?!? I LOVE IT!

Another blog that I read occasionally, Tatertots and Jello is hosting a giveaway for 2 $25 gift certificates to Barn Owl Primitives. Hop over there and leave a comment - you might win one! Heck - I might win one, too!

I can't wait to see the other two signs she is making for our family. And I can't wait until I get the go ahead to order another one. Like one of these.........
**Love this one!**
And really, how many times a day do I need to read this.....
So head on over and find something that speaks to you.


Barn Owl Primitives said...

Thanks so much for sharing the giveaway ~ and for your order! SO fun to help you design your custom sign!!! :) Wishing you and your beautiful family all the best!! xo ~ kristi

Mama Bella said...

can. not. take. it! I waaaant some!!!!!