Thursday, October 28, 2010

Almost Halloweened Out

This post is going to be more of a catch all since we have done a few things this week that I haven't had a chance to post about. First up, Sunday evening we went to the church where Owen attends preschool for their trunk or treat.Check out Owen's costume - can you see that it is about 6 inches too short for him? Yes? So, this was his costume when he was 2! Yes, 2 years old. Apparently it is his FAV. OR. ITE. Ever. Somehow wish he would have mentioned that when I was paying for the Mario costume this year. The reasoning behind not wearing their new costumes and wearing these was that they had just worn the Mario and Luigi costumes for the Halloween train ride that we did on Saturday night. What? Did I not post about the train ride?

Oh yeah.

Because it was AWFUL! As in, NOT child appropriate at all. Thank goodness our ride was at 5.15 and not dark yet because there was someone dressed as a devil with a stick that had a bloody baby head on it charging the train. I kid you not! I was mortified. And then of course there was the lady sticking her head through a table with a man revving a chain saw and misc bloody body parts laying around on the ground. Oh. My. Goodness.

It is true - I have completely been disqualified for Mother of the Year this year. But don't count me out for next year.

I digress - back to more trunk or treat.
Eliza was a satin pirate. There is a story about this costume too. I found this one and another one a size bigger on ebay when Ethan was 4 and Owen was 2. I thought they were adorable. We went to our neighborhood harvest chili cook off and most all the little boys were wearing super hero and star wars costumes and Chris said something to the effect of "great - Ethan and Owen are satin pirates." I remember Ethan oogling over the star wars kids and wanting to be like them, Owen being too little to think anything about it (or so I thought) and me feeling like maybe it was time to ask them what they wanted to dress up like. That weekend we took them to Party City and bought this one for Ethan (below) and turns out Owen wanted to be batman.
His first star wars costume. And he was ecstatic! So now, baby gets to be a satin pirate - more appropriate, don't you think?
It is hard being a kid at Halloween. I will be the first to admit it.
It is particularly hard when you are surrounded by children whose parents don't make them follow the rule of one piece of candy at a time. The first car we walked up to both boys grabbed a huge handful of candy and I told them to put it back and get just one. They both looked at me like "seriously? did you see the kid in front of us?"
Whatever the case, they each still got several pieces and that was multiplied at our church trunk or treat event which will be multiplied again on Halloween. Trust me. There will be PLENTY of candy to go around. Which is good because when baby sees anyone eating candy she yells (yes, yells) "MMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Until you give her a piece. True story.

The other thing we did on Sunday was head over to Phillips Corn Maze for a full afternoon of outside fun.
Starting with the corn maze.
The boys got excited a few times and ran ahead of us until they realized if they took a turn different from us, we were seriously lost from each other. That happened a couple of times until they decided it was better to stick close. That and Chris usually knows how to get us out of these things. Do not count on me.
This picture is funny to me because it looks like she is marching with her little arms up.
And this one like she is kicking her heels up.
You coming?
I think she had so much fun running this way and that.
Until her little legs gave out and daddy carried her.

And because it is late and I am very tired, here are just a few of my favorites.
in the corn box
jumping off hay
tube swinging
and tractor riding

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