Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Long Overdue Soccer Update

Ethan is really enjoying soccer and has settled into a defensive position although he complains that he doesn't get to score. We try to reinforce that it takes everyone on the team and how many goals did you stop from the other team, but he doesn't quite see it that way yet. He has asked to play indoor soccer throughout the winter so I am looking into places where he can do that while CASL is not in season.
Back left in white - defense. :-)
He gets his soccer moves from his daddyThe team - Coach Milazzo (center) and Coach Barbara (to the right)
The little girl is Dylan and let me tell you - she can hold her own with any of the boys on the field.
Ethan and Josh
Ethan and Alex
Such a cutie
Starting at the top left - Coach Milazzo, Coach Barbara, Coach Alex's dad (don't know his name)
Middle left - Dylan, David, Bryce, Josh
Bottom left - Alex, Cristian, Ethan, Tyler
Go Blues!

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