Friday, September 17, 2010

Beach 2010 Highlights

We just returned from our annual Bordman beach vacation after having a week full of good food, pool fun and wonderful family. It was particularly difficult this year to take photos of the children at the pool and beach this trip because they were constantly hopping from one to the other and I didn't want to leave my camera laying around while I chased them so all our pictures are from our outings away from the hotel.

Mini Golf at Cancun Lagoon
Owen cutting loose with some dance moves. Notice his left hand with the finger pointing going on.
My three favorite men
Dinner at Thorny's
We went to a Halloween store while we were down there and the boys picked out their costumes for this year. Owen is going to be Mario and Ethan is going to be Luigi (from Super Mario Brothers).
Eliza carried this one around but I had already purchased her a costume. She is going to be a strawberry. Of course, when I told Chris this his response was "isn't that a fruit and not a character?"
We went to Family Kingdom so the boys could ride some rides. There was a lot of talk about riding the roller coaster this year. I told them they could even though I suspected they wouldn't meet the height requirements. When we got there they watched it make one round on the track and then quickly changed their minds. Ethan said "actually, I don't think I will do it." Instead they decided they would ride this one. The Galleon. It used to be the Pirate Ship and it used to go upside down. This one doesn't, but it does go fairly high.
I think they were probably losing their stomachs at this point. After they got off they agreed they didn't want to ride it again. So we headed to rides that were more their speed.
The height requirements on these were greater than 36 inches and less than 48 inches. Ethan is right at 48 inches so next year he won't be able to ride these anymore. And I am not sure he will be ready for the bigger rides.
This roller coaster was more their speed.
Owen's first time on the log flume. And just as a wonderful father should, Chris rode it with him. When they got off he must have asked Ethan 10 times if he wanted to ride it with him. Ethan, of course, said no. Owen loved it!

And a few pictures of Eliza watching her brothers every move.
And just for kicks, I found these photos of the boys from 2007.
And 2008
Pretty cute that I have pictures of them through the years on the same rides.
We are home for a few days and then the children and I are hoping to head for the hills for a few days of WNC fun.


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Anonymous said...

Looks like a BLAST! Glad you had fun!!!!!! Anxious to see all the pics. xo

PS Eliza looks so grown up. Cutie pie kids.