Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Day at the Museum

The company Chris worked for just recently became corporate sponsors of the Museum of Life and Science in Durham for the 2010-2011 year and with that sponsorship comes free passes to the museum. Since Chris's last day was Friday I wanted to squeeze in a trip to the museum with the kids while it was still free. Free = Great!

So Thursday I packed a lunch for each of us and we headed out for a fun mama day. And it turned out, this was one of those days that I really rocked the mama 'hood.
The first thing we all did was a dancing/music room thingy (using my best technical terms, of course). The kids (and myself) dance and run around in this room and each of our footsteps triggers different tones of music. Way cool stuff.
Then we headed outside to search for the dinosaurs. Stopping just long enough to check out the caboose parked out back
and make a dash through the farm yard. Hello Mr. Piglet.
One of the highlights of the day was finding all the maps around the museum and locating the "You Are Here" point.
Ah, ha! We made it. Keep your eyes open.....
because you never know what you may see.
Love his little head cocked way back to look up at the T Rex.
They were very interested in all the signs and wanted me to explain what they were talking about. Very inquisitive little boys.
Checking out the nest of dinosaur eggs and the little one that just hatched.
Fossil digging
Baby can hang with the best of them.
Then we headed off the Explore the Wild.
When Ethan came here in kindergarten with his class none of the bears were active so it was really cool to see them up and about this time.
Learning how duck feet work.
Telling me all about the wolves.
Let's go Catch the Wind.
Changing the sails on the boats changed the way they moved.
Watching their boats out on the "pond."
Lunch time before heading inside.
One more stop for the melody makers.
Rockin' out on the dust pans.
Oh yeah!
At the space station exhibit inside the hubble thingy. :-)
This was Owen's favorite thing. It was a satellite demonstration and the children put little balls in the field and no matter where the ball landed it was drawn back towards the center like a satellite signal. (whew! that was a mouthful!)
This was baby's favorite thing. She would stack these little discs
then she would throw them onto this orbit thing and if they landed just right they would orbit and if they didn't quite make it just right they would be thrown out of orbit.
on the moon
on the moon when Ethan was 18 months old
(in the middle)
They were all looking through the microscopes at crabs, butterflies, scorpians and such when Owen very excitedly exclaimed "THIS IS SCIENCE!"
Very cute.
Both boys loved this ball game thingy. It was kind of like skee ball.
And she liked watching the balls speed down.
But she really loved the kitchen area.
Part of her Christmas is probably going to be revamping the boys current kitchen set with new veggies and such for her to play with. Melissa and Doug make these awesome velcro fruits and veggies that the boys used to play with at Grandma Mary's house when they were little but I never bought for them. I may get some of these for her. Very cute stuff.
Another very cool exhibit they have is a hand washing station. The children use a special soap, wash their hands then put their hands in a black light and it shows where they missed. Lots of great learning opportunities with these exhibits. I told you I rocked the mama 'hood on Thursday. :-)
The last place we stopped before heading out
was the block area.
After 4 hours of walking around and doing all that great mothering,
the brown leather sofa was calling my name.
So that's where I planted myself so my children could finish up their explorations. It was absolutely a fantastic day in the life.


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