Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We returned today from a wonderful trip to Brevard. I love going home and this is where I always have a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. It is just before Old Fort Mountain when you come up over a hill and there you can see the Blue Ridge Mountains. And they are glorious!
It is my first glimpse of home and it takes my breath every time.
The boys hit golf balls in my grandmother's backyard while they waited for dinner.
We all needed a little down time after the drive.
After dinner we headed out to Aunt Jan's house to get settled and head out for a walk.
And this little boy (can't you just tell he has something really important that he is telling me?)
could just run and run and run and run. And that is also good for his mama. :-)
There were lots of cows, a few donkeys and a few goats. The cows were very curious about us. I don't think they had ever seen a stroller before.
This one's name is 139. Just ask Ethan.
The next day I spent most of my time on the couch again sick. So Aunt Jan had lots of things lined up for the boys to do, starting with cookies. They always make peanut butter cookies with her. I am not even sure how that got started but it is always peanut butter and they are always good. For dinner Monday night we grilled hot dogs over the fire and then roasted marshmallows.
The boys thought this was just awesome!
And they have told their daddy all about it today.
Not to be out done by her brothers.
This little was in the action too.


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