Monday, September 27, 2010

What's Cooking Mama?

This weekend my kitchen really flexed its muscles. I feel like I had the oven going non stop. First up was homemade cookie dough.
Chris's brother is getting married in two weeks and I found these cookies on another blog and thought I would try making them for my mother in law for rehearsal dinner favors.
The dough sat in the refrigerator until Sunday night when I rolled them out and baked them.
They turned out really good. I didn't ice them because I was really just wanting to try the cookie recipe and try out some different cookie sheets for baking as a practice run. I will need to do about 100 cookies and there is always these three children under my feet so we will see if I actually follow through.

Next up was apple cupcakes. I have been receiving Family Fun magazine ever since Ethan was a baby and they always have a monthly treat on the last page but I was always too tired to give anything in the magazine much thought when I worked. Well, not anymore! We made our September treat this weekend.
Complete with homemade buttercream icing - YUM!

Then I headed into dinner Saturday night which was pork tenderloin. This recipe is so yummy and tender! I have made it a couple of times now and we all just love it! While I was working on dinner, the children were working in their kitchen.
They were taking Chris's order and delivering him his food on a scooter. I told them they were like a 50's car hop.

After dinner was cleaned up and baby in the bed, this mama headed out for some mama time with a dear friend. Much needed laughter and soul recharging.

With Sunday brought church and another afternoon of baking. This time homemade granola.
This was so delicious! I am on a mission right now to revamp the way the boys (Ethan especially) eats. When he tracked out I made a commitment to pack his lunch when he tracked back in due to him learning he can choose corn dogs, french fries and ice cream everyday - all washed down with chocolate milk. Hello???? Veggie???? Are you out there???? So I borrowed The Sneaky Chef book from my friend Sarah and have been looking at things I can fix that will ensure he gets veggies in him where he least expects it. Peanut Butter and Jelly muffins anyone? So the above granola is packed full of healthy stuff for him and the best part is he likes it. Mix it in a cup of yogurt and there is breakfast. And I should add, a breakfast that will actually stick to him instead of catapulting his blood sugar levels and then leaving him to crash an hour later.
Eliza loved it!
She is inching away from me
because I told her to sit down to eat. She is afraid I am going to take her granola. :-)
There - sit down
on a bag of apples no less.
Hope your weekend was just as nourishing.


Anonymous said...

Who is going to wipe the drool off my keyboard??

YUMMMMY kitchen time! :)

Leah said...

I LOVE your blog. I didnt realize you were a fellow blogger. I shut down my original blog last spring but plan on starting again soon.
We get Family Fun magazine too. I planned on making these apple cupcakes for my twilight themed bday party (which is now postponed due to all day morning sickness lol) Yours turned out beautiful!